September 3, 2010

Plastic Surgery - It's Not the Simple Procedure They'd Have Us Believe

I couldn't help the tears in my eyes as I watched the recent 60 Minutes program "The Beauty Trap." May I urge you to take just 12 minutes out your busy schedule to see it
The Beauty Trap.

Unfortunately, there are so many makeover programs on TV today that trivialise plastic surgery, the reality can be far different from the truth. Watching this program may help you to re-evaluate your own worth, and not to base your sense of worth on your outward appearance.

When will our society finally come to recognise that outer beauty is meaningless? Sure it's nice to look at pretty things, but 'pretty' only lasts so long. 

A couple of years ago I read an article by a famous actress whose beauty was proclaimed across the world when she was young. But then as she started to age and lose her looks, she began to lose her confidence, devalue herself and to flounder under the continuing pressure to be beautiful. With time she regained her confidence based on her inner beauty and not her outer beauty. It was a heart-breaking, painful process for her. 

I can recall seeing Farrah Fawcet on-set a few years before she got cancer. She was constantly asking for reassurance about her looks and that she looked ok for the shot. How terribly sad that a woman of that age was still basing her sense of worth on something as trivial as her looks.

Just take a look at the stars today and what they've done to themselves in the endless and meaningless pursuit of beauty. Many become caricatures of their former selves. 

A recent photo of Dolly Parton scared the living daylights out of me. She has admitted extensive surgery to Oprah and says that because she's a celebrity there's a kind of expectation for her to keep looking good. She added that if she can keep from looking like a barnyard dog, she will. (I don't think she needs to worry about looking like a barnyard dog anymore - she should worry more about looking like an alien.)

It seems that some celebrities who no longer have hit songs, hit movies or TV programs will do anything to remain in the spotlight. 

I applaud those celebrities who embrace the aging process. I applaud celebrities who don't need the constant gratification of the public to make them feel like they are have worth. I applaud anybody who seeks to find and encourage the true beauty in others.

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