June 3, 2010

Bad Poetry: A Sonnet

Continuing on the theme of bad poetry, here is a sonnet I wrote based on the prompt to write a love poem for a household appliance


My love, though art stout and robust
A gleaming veneer of metal covered white
Thy steady song doth fill me with a lust
For thy contents of which I like to bite

Indeed thy contents call all day
“Imbibe & nibble” dost they call.
My tongue salivateth muchly – Nay!
‘Tis more like a flowing waterfall

And thou my love, remain unmoved
At my pleas to suppress thy speech
Hast not my frequent visits proved
My utmost devotion to thy reach?

My hips do spreadeth, my stomach enlarge
Thus have I grown to the size of a barge.

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