November 23, 2010

How Does Your Garden Grow .... Like a Jungle

The recent rains have turned our yard and garden into "Jungle Land."  I'm thinking about selling tickets, but I fear entrants may get lost and never find their way out again.

I try to turn a blind eye to the enormous piles of weeds growing merrily everywhere, and instead focus on areas that are doing well, and not being overtaken by monstrous patches of the weedy stuff.

Below our back patio is my favourite patch of garden. This is mainly because there are so many plants here that they outnumber the weeds. Still, the weeds are fighting back in places.

I noticed one of the trees in the far corner appeared to have died. 

Whereas most other plants had been blooming well before spring even started, and more so since the rains, this tree just stood forlornly, it's bare branches reaching out as if in the last clutches of death.

I was wrong, thankfully. In just the last couple of weeks, it finally started to get some green shoots and is now sporting a lovely, fresh batch of new green leaves.

The old frangipani is such a common sight in Australia, that we take it for granted. I love the contrast between the rough gnarled branches and the smooth creaminess of their flowers.

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