June 1, 2010

Bob the Blob

I thought you might enjoy a poem I wrote a few years ago for a competition on an on-line website called www.writing.com. This competition specifically required a very bad poem, which for some reason I seem to possess a natural ability for. 

In fact, I might share some of my better, bad poetry, if there is such a thing. Please feel free to comment :o)

The Prompt was as follows:
Take a character from any scary or plain terrible 1950's black and white horror movie. In the voice of that character, write a love poem, free verse, up to 14 total lines, to whom you think the monster might love. 

Bob the Blob
I am your obsequious slave.
I slaver over your waver and the wobble of your form.
Your movement, oh my enigmatic, unctuous and heavenly delight,
Is fluid and graceful; I shudder at your ooze.
I salivate at your moist and supple form,
Your colour entrances my eyes, or would if I had eyes.
Standing in your esteemed presence, I shiver;
I shudder, I wobble and foam;
Trembling, I quiver, and shake.
I have heard these puny humans call me “The Blob”
And bent on slaking my hunger I consumed them.
But you have stopped me in my undulating track!
I bow in humility at the beauty of your countenance
You are exquisite, my beauteous “Jello”.

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