October 24, 2010

Day Out in the Boyne Valley

Lake Awoonga from the
Boynedale Bush-camp
A group of us went out into the Boyne Valley on Saturday about an hour south of my home-town. It's made up of a cluster of small communities including Nagoorin, Ubobo, and Many Peaks. 

Our first stop on the way was the Boynedale Bush Camp which is a basic bush-camping facilities on the western side of lake Awoonga. We got there fairly early and enjoyed a little break there, taking in the quietness of the out-doors and chatting with some people who were camping there. They had taken their very pregnant cat with them on the trip who gave birth on the first day they were camped there. So we got to cuddle some week-old kittens who didn't even have their eyes open.
Jacaranda tree at
the campsite

Additionally, we spotted a red-backed fairy wren and managed to get a photo though not good enough to show here. Unfortunately he and his mate wouldn't hang around for any more photos. There were lots of pelicans in the water, which is now quite close to the banks of the area.

There was also a gorgeous jacaranda tree at the campsite - its huge canopy provided lots of shade for us to eat under, while the local honey-eaters zipped from flower to flower.
Looking up into the canopy
of the jacaranda tree

It's a shame that jacaranda trees blossom for such a short period of time; their stunning purple is such a vivid contrast against the green/grey colours of the countryside in this part of Australia.

There was plenty of bird-life at the Boynedale bush-camp especially blue-faced honeyeaters, little friarbirds and lots of Australian pelicans in the waters of Lake Awoonga.

These are just three of the more than 220 bird species that can be found at Lake Awoonga, or almost 30% of Australia's bird-species. It's an incredible place to go for bird-watchers with kites, eagles and other preying birds just some of the spectacular species.
Australian Pelican

As it happened, we had planned this outing months ago, but managed to pick a day for the official opening of the Boyne Valley Community Discovery Centre so we drove another fifteen or so minutes and attended that and had morning tea as well. 

Afterwards we went onto the pub at Many Peaks and had lunch there where we were joined in the out-door area by a few King Parrots and nabbed some nice photos.

Then it was off home. It was a fairly full day and I had an enormous sleep last night trying to regain my energy. But all in all - a lovely day out!

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