December 4, 2010

Refuge From the Rain

It's official! November in Queensland, has been the wettest one on record.
Anyone under the age of 30 won't know that this is the kind of summer weather that many of us older Queenslanders grew up with as children: wet and rainy periods for weeks at a time as the monsoons sweep over vast areas of our state. 

It certainly brings back memories of frustrating summers spent indoors as a kid, though groups of us would often amuse ourselves by fishing for tadpoles or splashing around in the flooded areas at the end of our street.

And it's not just the younger generation that don't understand this weather. I spotted a couple of birds yesterday seeking shelter from the rain. One little sparrow was looking around as if confused by the relentless rain. He sat on the railing of my verandah for at least twenty minutes.

Taking the opportunity, I grabbed my camera and went and sat on our swing seat on the verandah, hoping to relax and enjoy the view, and maybe take another photo or two.

Just after I sat down, a juvenile female stormbird (common koel) flew into the palm tree next door and took some shelter from the rain as well. 

I've not had much luck getting good photos of these birds, because they tend to hide when they see people, but this one was simply too busy trying to keep dry that she didn't see me for a couple of minutes.
From my back patio and front verandah, the overcast rainy conditions shrouded the neighbourhood in misty rain and greyness. This is the kind of weather I absolutely adore, even though everything seems to feel perpetually damp and washing is difficult to dry. 

The geraniums on our front verandah have been receiving the benefits of the rain during the past 5 weeks, and one in particular has been going crazy with blossoms.

Here are some photos of our lovely geraniums.

The wet conditions are likely to remain with us today and tomorrow, but in the long-term, this rain has gotta be good!

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