April 15, 2011

JD is Transforming into .... What?

"But I tidied it up!"
JD has never been the tidiest of kids, but in the weeks heading up to his 13th birthday, he has taken untidiness to a new and frankly disturbing level.

The issue of his socks appearing everywhere has been going on for some time, but in the loungeroom one evening just recently, I spotted a pair of JD's trousers, along with his underpants. What I want to know is what he was doing running around stark naked in our loungeroom! Is he trying to impress the girls next door? Does he just enjoy the freedom of letting everything hang loose? To be honest, I'm not sure I really want to know.
JD's stinky, crusty socks

During the last month, his underpants have started turning up in other places. As you might expect, I found some in the bathroom. Then I found another pair in the kitchen area and a further pair in the hallway. What has me really concerned is the pair of underpants I found near the top of our back stairs. This area overlooks our neighbours, and if he was doing any streaking that I'm not aware of, I only hope I neighbours are not aware of it either.

JD's response to why this has suddenly started happening has been a nonchalent shrug of the shoulders and a grunt. 
JD's underwear is turning
up everywhere!

I only hope I don't find another pair of JD's underpants out on the front footpath from which the rest of the neighbourhood would certainly not be able to miss his display.

Perhaps ignorance, really is bliss.

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