February 18, 2010

All Things Snood

One Sunday I went to lunch with a good friend of mine. As usual we were having a good old chat about everything under the sun – all very important, world-altering stuff you understand. At one point, my girlfriend said to me, “I was thinking about buying you a snood.” I was stunned. My usual glib and witty conversation momentarily dried up, as my mind latched onto that word 'snood'. Where had I heard it before? Should I let on that I couldn't quite remember what a snood was, and reveal that I'm really not the trivia queen she thinks I am – should I shatter her illusion of me? She quickly realised my predicament and pointed out my inadequacy when it comes to knowing about all things 'snood'.

All right, I thought to myself, I'll come at this from the reverse. “Were you thinking of buying me a pet slug?” I asked her.Now you may wish to stop reading at this point in this story, because I'm going to reveal something of my thinking process. Quickly, look away before it's too late.....

A slug is a slimy little creature that looks somewhat like a snail without its shell,. Therefore, a snail without its shell could be a snail in the nude, ie.... a sn-nude. I came to the conclusion that my friend had been thinking of buying me a pet slug.

I'm not sure that my friend appreciated my deep and meaningful contemplation on the snood subject. Archly lifting one eyebrow, she kindly revealed that, a slug wasn't even close to what she had been thinking of purchasing, and kept her thoughts on my sanity to herself.

Oh, and if you were wondering, a snood is an old-fashioned small hair net that ties up one's hair in a bun at the back of one's head. Either way, I don't think a snood is really my cup of tea.

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