December 13, 2010

Two Old Aussie Buildings

I found these photos of two old Aussie buildings found in the bush which I thought you might enjoy. Both are located within an hour of where I live.

Old community hall at Many Peaks in the Boyne Valley
Old iron/tin home near Marmor
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The old tin building must once have been someone's home, and I imagine times must have been tough! Can you imagine how hot it would have been in summertime? It probably just had an old packed earth floor and the poor woman looking after the kids had no running water or electricity. The nearest town was probably half a days ride away.

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  1. Hey Vicki, I thought I would just catch up after the weekend at Rydges. Well it was a fantastic night on Saturday night. Everybody was grown up and it was nice just to spend time with everybody as adults. No juvenile competition. If you want to see some photos (and some particularly bad ones of me!) go to and I am sure you will recognise a lot of people. The boys still looked the same but the girls looked better. The weather was really steamy but the whole area was beautifully green because of so much rain. All in all after not particularly wanting to go I had the best time. Even managed a couple or three Karioke songs at the end of the night at the lounge bar. Of course I have never managed to get up on my own, however I am quite prepared to harmonise (?) amongst others. We couldn't have been that riviting as the people down the back of the room asked us when we were going to be on after we had already sang the three. Needless to say I was so tired by the end of Sunday afternoon and perhaps a little cranky and my desperation for sleep finally gave in to a little nap in front of the telly. Evenutally a little booklet will be posted to everyone who contributed their life stories.

    I like your photos of these two buildings. Almost wishes you could transport back in the time that they would have been built and see life as it was.

    Well I am having Xmas brekky at my place this year. I expect the kids will swim and then when it gets too hot for the adults they will go home to their air-condt. That will leave the afternoon for much relaxation in front of the television. Hope you and JD and the rest of the family have a lovely Xmas day and enjoy all the spiritual significance of the season.