February 15, 2011

First Aid: How to Become Paranoid Without Trying

Just recently I completed a two day first aid course as part of my three month training course. It was interesting to see that with all of the illnesses in my family, the information I have gleaned from my own personal experience has actually proven to be a bonus because of the knowledge I already possessed and didn't have to learn.

It's not the first time that I've completed the St John's First Aid course. Back in 1981/82 I took the course for the very first time as part of the education diploma I was doing at University. Since then I've redone the course a number of times, and strangely enough, the course does NOT get any more interesting with the years.

Another development has been the realisation about how easy it could be to get paranoid about illnesses and accidents that can strike, or all the horrible, nasty things one could get bitten by here in Australia including the eight deadliest snakes in the world, the funnel web spider and various other biteys. And that's only on land. But of course the instructor had to tell us about all of the things we could get stung or bitten by in the ocean as well.

I'm thinking very seriously about locking all of my doors, and closing my windows and never venturing out into the world again! Thank goodness cockroaches don't come with fangs!

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