January 3, 2011

Photos From our New Year's Eve Blast From the Past Party

Here are some photos from our New Year's Eve blast from the past party:
Here I am on the left with my naturally crazy hair
(no need to do anything other than brush it)
Melissa as a school-girl, Ana from the 80s
and Meg from the 20s
Surprised Sue
Steve & the kids
Meg and Karen
Meg in Pippy Longstocking wig
Meg in a wig that my mum wore in the 1960s.
JD's friend joined in the fun!
Since I was going hippie from the 60s/70s,
I decided to create my own artwork
called "Skewed Life: a representation of life,
skewed by external influences."

This is not copyrighted - so feel free to use it!

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  1. Dear Vicki
    I like your repesentation

    is good love your sister Karen