March 1, 2010

I've Turned Into a Pumpkin ©

It's officially March and Autumn has commenced. It feels like someone has stolen the last two months though I know I've been incredibly busy at times. 
I've been running out of time to write my blog, and as I sit here writing this at 1.20am (hence the title of turning into a pumpkin), kookaburras have started cackling nearby, which is very unusual for this time of day. In fact, most of the birds are quiet at night, so I was surprised to hear two of them cackling away.)

I love the birds in the local region ... from the common old kookaburra to the majestic brahminy kites, I really enjoy taking photos and sharing them around. [above is a blue-winged kookaburra]

My youngster is really developing a love of photography as well, and he saved up for 18 months to purchase his own good-quality zoom digital camera. He's taken some amazing shots. But now that he's into the new year, he's getting a little too busy at time to do as much photography as he would like.

He has already started some new before and after-school activities including gymnastics and music (clarinet), as well as a new youth group. Unfortunately the cost of everything has been ridiculous ... gymnastics has already cost about $600 and that's just covering the first semester! So that means financially we'll have to drop something else, and after much discussion, and some tears on my youngsters face, it's been decided not to send him to Scouts anymore.

It's such a shame because he really needs some more "blokey" kind of influences in his life, but it's simply not feasible to do everything that he would like to do. Apart from the time factor and the requirement to go to school, eat and sleep, doing too many activities is exhausting and can leave him little time to do family activities and catch up with his friends etc.

I certainly am looking forward to Autumn and hopefully cooler weather. One of my favourite spots in the region is Lake Awoonga and the Gladstone Marina as well as the Millennium Esplanade. If you're ever in Central Queensland, I encourage you to check them out.

Yawn! I think it's time I hit the sack before my fingers fall off and my eyeballs drop out! ©

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