March 1, 2010

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For most men, a trip to the hairdressers should take less than half an hour, necessitate as little conversation as possible and at no time require him to look even remotely unmanly.

For a woman, a trip to the hairdressers requires considerable forethought, a good wad of cash (or a small bank-loan), and a minimum of an hour of one's time, preferably two. Conversation is a necessity, as are the magazines, the coffee and the gossip.

Men want a fix – women want a miracle!

Unlike doctor's waiting rooms, hair salons always have the latest women's magazines. While waiting for our colours to process, we can consume the latest gossip about celebrities, pore over the newest fashions, giggle at fashion faus pas, and for a brief moment in our otherwise busy schedules, forget the rest of the world.

We can delude ourselves into believing we can look as gorgeous as the cover models on those magazines, at least until we get up the next morning and discover the wonderful style we had walking out of the salon yesterday, has now transformed itself into something resembling a lump of overturned, dried-up spaghetti. That's usually the time when you recall your complete lack of ability with all hairstyling appliances, and that while yesterday you may have looked like Uma Thurman, today you like like “I'm inhuman.”
your best, nor the relaxed and friendly staff, nor even the coffee and biscuits. The best thing at my hair salon is the scalp massage! I have become quite an aficionado over the years and have my favourites within the salon staff. And while I may possibly admit to being slightly addicted to a scalp massage, I will never admit to falling asleep and snoring at the sink: that was the woman next to me. 
Part of the salon experience is the opportunity to check out the latest in hairstyle and colouring experiments that the staff have been trying out on themselves. Usually this keeps me amused for at least ten minutes. Mix that with copious quantities of hair products, and strange chemical smells that make your nostril hairs curl, and you have a unique experience that only we women could love. 

But the best thing about going to a hair-dressers is not the great stylists that do their best to bring out

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