January 12, 2011

Effects of the Major Flooding in Queensland

While our town has mostly avoided any kind of major flooding (excepting some outlying districts and farms etc), we have certainly started feeling the effects from the major flooding throughout most of Queensland.

On two occasions last week I was unable to purchase the milk and bread we normally do.  The milk isn't so much a problem, but as a diabetic, I must eat low GI foods which includes multi-grain bread.

Today JD and I went to two supermarkets trying to obtain some basics, but this time there was absolutely no bread and no milk. We tried finding long-life milk and even powdered milk, but there were all gone too. There was very little in the way of fresh produce. I think some people must have selfishly taken more than they needed.

Probably the next thing we'll run out of is petrol.

I stood surveying the supermarkets in disbelief. It was surreal. I almost felt like I was in bad dream. There was even a line-up in the bakery area for what I assume was the last of the bread.

One woman I overhead said, "It's like it's the end of the world or something."

Apparently at least one of the supermarkets will be completely closed on Wednesday. 

So what happens now? There must be many people in a similar situation to our own. We have a little milk left which will barely last out tomorrow, and we have half a loaf of bread. Fortunately we have lots of frozen food which should probably see us through to next week. But no milk or bread will make lunch and breakfast rather challenging. It's been quite stressful, but I simply can't imagine what those directly affected must be feeling.

We've heard that most of the flood affected towns have been getting food flown in and that's great, but there must be other places like Gladstone that are unable to get foodstuffs either.

I realise that this is a major disaster of unseen or unheard of proportions in our nation's history, but basic foodstuffs and medicines must get through. It's pretty scary to be standing in a supermarket with shelf after shelf after shelf, almost completely empty. It's a sight I will never forget.

Footage of the incredible floods and their destruction are continuing on television and I've been in tears hearing people's stories of their homes being destroyed in incredible flash floods. And then there have been the stories about people's remarkable rescues. The devastation in some places is simply unbelievable.

May I encourage you to pray for everyone affected by floods in Australia, specifically for the Government to get things done right and quickly.

Thank you.

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