May 20, 2011

Not So Cool Doggy Drool

Genevieve, the latest addition to our home (a long-haired chihuahua cross pomeranian) has settled into life in our household quite well. Our oldest dog Scout who is eleven, has taken on the big sister role with relish and has been tutoring Geni in the fine art of growling. The two will mock-fight over toys and have tug of war games, and while Scout has a quite decent doggy growl, Genevieve sounds more like a large blow-fly. 

Scout acts as Geni's big sister
The two oldest dogs (Scout and Rachel) have always enjoyed a car-ride and all I have to do is mention the word "drive" and they will run excitedly to the front door, jumping up and down and whining to be let out. Unfortunately, Genevieve has NOT taken to the car quite so well. We have been taking her out on short runs in an endeavour to get her used to the car, but she hates it and begins to tremble as soon as I start the engine. With her tail tucked in between her legs, she begins dribbling with terror and continues for the whole ride.

Despite our efforts to talk reassuringly to her, to hold her and pat her, she is absolutely scared out of her little doggy mind and nothing we do seems to placate her.

I've purchased a special doggy carry bag for her that can be carried on one's back or harnassed into the car via the seatbelt. I'm hoping that she will comforted by four walls around her and will be more comfortable with travelling by car. 

Today I had to buy some new ink cartridges for my printer and thought that Genevieve would benefit from a quick drive to the shop. The drooling began before we even left the driveway. The shop is only about ten minutes away and by the time we got there, her chest was covered in slimy saliva and the drool was literally dribbling off her chin.

Once I had purchased my items, I came back out to the car and noticed the Geni was standing on my seat. After I picked her up and moved her, I reached around and grabbed the handle of the car door. That was when I felt it...lifting up my hand, I saw it was wet with doggy drool that Genevieve had kindly left in several places on my door panel and handle.


  1. Yuk! :) shame. How does she react in the car if one of the other dogs come along?

  2. She is still terrified, even when the other dogs are there with her.