November 23, 2011

Changes at Home

It's been a while since I wrote in my blog ... mainly because things have been a little difficult. 

One of the things I hadn't mentioned up to this point in my blog was that JD, the 13 year old that was living with me, is actually a foster child. He'd been in my care for going on five years. Since I made the decision to move to Hervey Bay, JD decided that he would stay in Gladstone to be near his friends and has now moved into another home with other foster carers.

Unfortunately, because I no longer get the foster child financial support for him, I can no longer get the loan that I was hoping for from the bank, so the house that I'd been hoping to buy in Hervey Bay is now out of my price-range. I have had to reduce my loan application by $60,000 which means that my home choices are now limited to around $265,000.

Another difficulty has been that I have had no offer on my present home, despite the market being so good here in Gladstone at the moment. The whole experience has been rather discouraging and disappointing but I will be content with a cheaper home once my current house sells. 

I'm sure that God has it all under his control - I just have to trust Him and be patient, waiting for His right time and not my own.


  1. Not sure if your blog is still active but I wanted to say I've enjoyed reading it, specially this entry.

  2. Thanks Susan - I've had a hectic 12 months, and haven't been actively adding anything for the past 5 months or so, but I'm hoping to get up to date asap.