September 6, 2010

Some More Photos of our Pets

Larci is the cheekiest little cat I know. 
"Cheeky? Me? Cheeky?"
"I spy with my little eye ... some
luscious lorikeets to eat."
"There's something very interesting outside. Can
I go and look please? Can I? Please? Huh? Huh?"
"Play with me, please! I promise I won't bite you ...
Ok, I promise I won't bite you hard ...
Ok, I promise I will bite you."

"I don't know what happened or where she came from,
but one second I was minding my own business, and
the next minute she'd jumped in front of me like this,
and then my defence mechanism kicked in and
I had to bite and kick her. I't's not my fault!"
Cinnamon has discovered the joys of the fake mouse toy.
JD also has some pet mice. No they are not put into our fake mouse toy.
Spunky the mouse is one of JD's two pet mice. He's very
sweet and adores being scratched around the ears
and on his head. He relaxes totally into it, closing
his little eyes in delight.
This is Phantom who also loves lots of attention.
Scout (left) and Rachel now have their own
special spot underneath my computer desk.


  1. Hey, the first thing I notice is how comparatively NOT FAT your pets are.

    Second, how is having dogs relative to cats?

  2. Hi Sara

    The two dogs definitely have a tendency to be fat (just like their owner) and we have them on a very strict diet. Rachel is very prone to putting on weight and we have learned how much she can eat to maintain a good weight as well as a good waistline.

    The 2 younger cats seen above (Larci & Cinnamon) are naturally on the slim side, but our older boy Stanley is a VERY big cat - over 6kg. He's not fat - we'd rather call him hefty.

    Cats and dogs are so very different in how they approach life. After having cats most of my life, around 9 years ago I decided to get a dog and settled on a miniature foxy for their temperate, intelligence and ease of maintenance. Stanley the moggy followed 6 months later because Scout needed company. Then 6 months after that I got Rachel.

    If you've never had a dog and are thinking about getting one, just be aware that any existing cat may not take too kindly to the addition of a new dog.

    Whereas cats see the world as a big playground, full of interesting things to chase, and taste and see and play with, dogs see the world as having a structure. Every person and animal has a place in the hierarchy. People are first, dogs are next and other pets are last. Things have to be done in certain ways or it may confuse them, though they still like adventure too. Play is possibly more important to dogs than cats - especially when it's with their owners.

    If you ever consider getting a dog, be sure to read several good books to understand how a dog thinks, because they do think very differently from cats and from humans. Once you understand their logic, it makes dealing with them much easier. Too many people want dogs to be little people, when they simply don't think that way.