July 23, 2010

Love The Local Region

I'm at the radio station this morning (as usual) for my breakfast show and had a couple of minutes to myself.

This morning I did an interview about a local project happening next month called Love the Local Region. The aim of the project is to share God's love by doing simple acts of kindness whether by washing windows, giving away small items or picking u prubbish and doing sausage sizzles. As Christians we want to show people in the region that God's love is free and available to anyone.

I thought it sounded like a wonderful project for people to get involved in and doesn't require too much time or expense as most of the local churches are paying for the materials.

Apparently they've been having something similar in Canada for the last ten years, and there have been several events in other regeions of the world including Darjeeling in India (Love Darj!).

Sounds like good fun!

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