December 8, 2010

Old Programs - New Horrors

One of our newer television stations is playing old programs from the 1960s through to current day, including the A-Team, Bewitched, Miami Vice, the Flintstones, Knightrider and more.

I have come to accept that many of the programs I loved as a child are quite painful to watch now as an adult. Sure there are exceptions to the rule such as Bewitched, which was for the most part well-written and suitable for both adults and children. 

Today JD was enjoying the A-Team on television, and while it was never a program that I watched, I couldn't help but stare at the enormous mound of gold chains around Mr T's neck. I don't remember him wearing that many before, and it looks simply ridiculous now. How come I don't remember him being that ridiculous? Was it simply because it was made during the 80s and big was better back then?

Miami Vice was another show on the slightly ridiculous side, and even when it was new I couldn't stand it - the white suit and girly coloured shirt on the guys seemed pretentious even for the time it was released. Don't get me started on their perfectly blow-dried hair-styles.

So many programs are time capsules for styles of particular eras. Usually when they are new we don't notice it. It's not until at least a decade has passed that we can look back and see how the clothing fixes them to a specific time in our history. And as we grow older they can remind of times and events in our own personal histories.

I imagine that in 20 or 30 years, JD will look back at programs he enjoys now such as "Dani's House," "Genie From Down Under" and "Glee" and the clothing will encapsulate the styles from this part of his life, and will bring back memories and feelings he experienced at the time.

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