January 1, 2014

Blah! I Generally HATE New Year's Resolutions but ...

Blah! I generally HATE New Year's Resolutions but ...this year's resolution is to reduce my size by dieting and exercise.

I've never been a small girl, and I acknowledge that I'm simply not built to be a size 6, but this year I'm aiming to be an 8, or at least an 8½. There are a lot of dieting plans that focus on reducing weight for particular parts of the body, though I'm having difficulty finding one that suits.

You're probably rolling your eyes at this point and thinking "Oh crap! It's another one of those boring diet blogs!" Let me assure you that this is anything but an ordinary diet blog because I'm not talking about reducing my body size - I'm focusing on reducing my foot size.

By the time I was 13, it was evident that I was going to have large feet, and by the time I was 18, my feet had reached a ridiculous size 9½ to 10. I'm thankful though, that I'm not ever going to have obese feet like size 11 or larger though, and I do feel sorry for women who are simply not built to be petite.

I usually feel so embarrassed about my feet, that I keep them covered up most days. Summer-time is hell for me because my ankles tend to swell up and get fat during the hot weather. As I'm getting older I've also noticed that my feet are spreading sideways which is simply unacceptable.

One of the other embarrassing things about my feet is the size of my big toes. First on my list of health "must-dos" is an hour's daily walk on the treadmill which I am hoping will help slim down their roundedness. Additionally I will be searching the internet to find specific eating plans for reducing the overall size of my feet.

Perhaps this exercise and dieting will help to build up and reshape my weirdly shaped little toes. I won't rule out plastic surgery in the future, but I do hope this fitness regime will bring about a long-term toning and overall slimming that will rule out my need to do that. I'm also hoping that as I reduce the fat in my feet, their overall length will shorten to a more acceptable, petite size.

Perhaps by this time next summer I'll be able to wear a tiny pair of cute sandals on my slimmer, smaller and sexier feet. Wish me luck.


Note: This entry is purely tongue-in-cheek, showing the ridiculous expectations there are on us to be a certain size and shape. The reality is, we are all built differently. Some of us are taller, larger-boned, fatter, slimmer, tinier, skinnier, rounder, shorter, bonier or bulkier than others. 

If society told you that to be sexy, desirable or simply worthwhile, you must have feet that are no larger than a size 6, and no wider than 7cm, would you believe it? of course not! BUT If society told you that same message every waking moment of the day from the minute you were born, the brain-washing would eventually sink in - and you would come to believe and accept this as a "truth."

So why is it that you believe society's message that you must be thinner or a certain body shape and size to be sexy, desirable or worthwhile? Have you considered the possibility that you have been brain-washed?

Let me tell a real truth. You are an ORIGINAL - there is no-one else like you. You are amazing just the way you are. You are worthy of a standing ovation! Your heart is worthy of a symphony. 

Now go out there and LIVE that truth! Tell society to go taking a flying leap because as you are, right at this very second, YOU ARE WORTHWHILE! You are beautiful.


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