June 12, 2013

And May I Say "Ugghh!"

If you can hear me snoring from where you are, then you probably won't be surprised to hear that I have worn myself out, setting up the new European/UK store. In just one week, I uploaded/created almost 2,300 items in the store, and it was one of the laborious, most uninteresting and frustrating process I've had so far in any of the shops I've set up.

BUT, my best images are now available to anyone in Europe and the UK. Yay! From this point onwards, it will only be one or two images to upload to the various products at any one time. So, for the first time today, I was able to get back into the more fun aspect - creating! Following is an image that I designed which should be going into the shops in the next few days:

Galaxy Voyage by Miss Terry Woman
(Small image)
One of the other things I've been looking for is images of buildings, cars etc that were very futuristic looking at the time. There's some amazing stuff out there, though it can take a while to sift through hundreds and thousands of images just to find one to use.

I loved the shapes and the perspective in this old pedestrian bridge.

Then there was an amazing old airport terminal building. While I had to edit and repair the image somewhat, the end result was worth it - remarkable shapes and design flow:

And finally, I spotted this gorgeous old Porsche Spider - isn't it amazing!? I almost expect to see Batman jump out!

Catch you next time...

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