June 4, 2013

Lucky I Love My Work

It's lucky that I love my work, because I have been crazy busy setting up my old and new designs in various online stores in Australia and the USA.

And just in the last few hours, I've set up a European store and have been laboriously adding one item at a time. Each country's product manufacturer/supplier has their online businesses set up very differently - some are much easier to use than others, and some are very time consuming and sleep-inducing procedures, lol.

Here is the link to the new store:  Miss Terry Woman (Eur/UK)
Australia: Miss Terry Woman (Australia)

USA: Miss Terry Woman (USA)

Following are just a sample of some of the varied products available in the stores.

I hope you can drop by and check them out some time. May I also encourage you to let your friends and family know about my special designs. ... Thanks!

Miss Terry Woman (Eur/UK)
Miss Terry Woman (Australia)

Miss Terry Woman (USA)

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