December 29, 2010

Our Bird Visitors

We continue to receive visits from the magpie and kookaburra families, who pop over in the afternoons for a bite to eat. 

The magpies have nested twice already in the past five months. I believe that their first batch of babies must have died or were killed by predatory birds, such as the collared sparrowhawk that I saw them chasing recently. Hopefully this little bunch of babies will make it and we may see the babies pop over with their parents for a feed in a month or so.

The rainbow lorikeets are still hanging around. About a month or so ago I heard the extremely irritating babies demanding food from their parents. One parent and one offspring landed on our back verandah, right next to some seeds, but the baby refused to eat the seeds itself, demanding to be fed directly from its parent. 

I would have to say that the rainbow lorikeet babies are some of the most annoying sounding birds in the world... no wonder their parents give in so easily. 

"Alright! Shut up already! Your voice is worse than fingernails down a blackboard!"

We had a few windy days some weeks back, and I noticed that a pair of lorikeets were sound asleep in a tree, despite the violent thrashing of the branches around them. They didn't seem to notice or care what was going on. Perhaps they were simply tired out from feeding their demanding babies!

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