December 30, 2010

Some Other Photos

I thought I might include here some other photos I haven't had a chance to share with you yet.

One afternoon we had a storm brewing in our area. This is a view from our front verandah. As you can see our house is up higher on a hill. 

Many of the houses lower down are in an area that has been known to flood previously. 

I've heard  that some of the low-set houses that weren't built 35 years ago, would have had flood-waters up to their roofs in the 1974 floods. Scary huh? 

Fortunately those kinds of flood levels are fairly rare.

* * * * *

The Christian singles group that I co-ordinate had it's break-up Christmas party in early December.

Our theme this year was mutant or revolting elves. Here are some photos from the event:

Two grumpy elves

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