December 11, 2010

Real Aussie Wildlife Photos

A few months back a group of us went out to the Boyne Valley for a visit. While we were there, we spotted a female king parrot, which I'd never seen before. My friend Steve allowed us to use his camera (my camera battery had died)  to take some photos. Steve was also kind enough to let me use some photos of wildlife he'd taken earlier. 

Here are some photos for your enjoyment.
Australian king parrot (female)
Australian king parrot (male)
Black cockatoo

Goanna or lace monitor
And here are some photos that I'd taken previously:

Bearded dragon

Brush turkey
Eastern grey kangaroo and joey
Sacred Kingfisher
Laughing kookaburra
Blue-winged kookaburra
Flying Fox
Eastern water dragon
Rainbow lorikeet
Barking owl
Carpet python
And of course the famous koala to finish!

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