June 2, 2011

Interesting Sights in the Cooler Weather

While Central Queensland doesn't really get cold compared to other parts of the world, it certainly gets cool enough for us to put on our winter clothes and bring out the thick socks and slippers. It's also a time when our pets climb under our bed-covers or into our laps to keep warmer. I'm under no illusion that they find us more fascinating during winter.

Recently I've heard schools bring in rules that any parents picking up their kids should not be wearing their pajamas, dressing-gown or slippers if they get out of their cars to do so. While I've been found guilty of wearing my daggy clothes when dropping people off in my car or picking them up, I generally would not get out of the car for embarrassment. I found it astonishing that parents would get out of their car while wearing their sleepwear and slippers and stand around with the other parents who are wearing normal day-wear. 

I must admit that getting undressed on a cold morning is not exactly comfortable, especially when removing my lovely warm slippers, but at some point we have to change of our night-gear surely? I was surprised to spot a woman this afternoon at the local shop, wearing pants and a t-shirt whilst sporting bright pink slippers on her feet.

Another item that seems to make its appearance  during the cooler months is the flannel checked shirt which is fine when worn with plain coloured clothing. The sight that I loathe is the combination of various checked clothing in the mistaken belief that they will go together simply because they are checked. JD tried this look recently despite my years of giving him such common-sense fashion advice as: "You can wear any patterned item as long as the rest of your clothing is plain and dark."
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A checked shirt and checked pair of paints in different colours was such an horrendous sight that I could barely look at him. 

"What's wrong with this?" he asked in a bewildered voice.

"What have I been telling you about clothes that do and don't go together?" I replied.

"Yeah, I know, I know," he said dismissively and went back into his room. A minute later he came out of his room with the same pair of black and blue checked shorts, but wearing a t-shirt covered in skulls and bones. The sight was quite revolting.

"JD! What have I told you? One patterned item with everything else plain and dark and you will never go wrong. It's simple advice that works for anyone."

He barely tried to hide the roll of his eyeballs, but said nothing and changed once again.

"Thank you," I said when he came out in a plain black shirt. "Now at least I won't throw up!"

But not all sights in winter are gross, such as the one I saw on my bed this morning. Our two oldest cats Stanley and Larci are the best of friends:

Isn't that lovely?

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