June 14, 2011

Birthday Dreams Are Made of ..... Chocolate

Since I talked in an earlier entry about fake chocolate, I thought it appropriate that I mention real chocolate.

I have mentioned previously that when I was younger, if I didn't have chocolate in my fridge, I'd almost go into panic mode. So many other younger women also feel the need for the companiable comfort of chocolate, especially around every four weeks or so. Now that I'm in my late forties, and have been going through menopause for ten years, I no longer feel the desperate need to have chocolate available to me as a comfort food. Sure chocolate is lovely and I still enjoy it, but most times I can make do with other comfort foods that have nothing to do with chocolate whatsoever. Nowadays, a coffee milk and a piece of toast is enough to satisfy my need for a bit of comfort.

Coming up I will be celebrating my 48th birthday, so I invited some close female friends over for an afternoon of movies and nibblies, with chocolate being one necessity for the occasion.

It got me thinking though that there's an unexploited market out there just waiting to be taken advantage of. Since I don't have the money to start or grow the enterprise, and simply have the brilliant idea, I thought I would throw the concept out into the world to see what develops. If someone takes up the idea and makes a success of it, I will secretly gloat while at the same time knowing that I have made the world a better place.

So, here's my idea:
Let's consider the fact that for an average of 35-40 years, most women on the planet are going to be menstruating. For a good majority of these women, chocolate is a comfort food that makes us feel better at least once a month. When we feel better, we are much nicer to those around us (gentlemen please make a note of this).
Add the fact that a good portion of the remaining population also enjoy chocolate for no particular reason at all, there is the basis of my business proposition.
Simply purchase a delivery truck, perhaps along the lines of the old-fashioned ice-cream vans, and you have a direct transport system available to take chocolate to all of those needy women out there, struggling to cope with their fluctuating hormones and their sometimes horrendous children and/or husband. On weekdays make deliveries in the hours between 9.30am and 2.30pm for all of those women with either babies at home or children at school, and I'm sure many of them would rush out to your truck for the comfort of chocolate. In the evenings the truck could deliver between 3.30 and 5.30pm when the kids have returned home and there's another excellent market for chocolate. Finally, on weekends, just drive around the entire time, and you'll not only get women buying chocolate, but men buying it for their wives and daughters and kids buying it for themselves.
What a tremendous concept for a business, I thought. Perhaps I could approach Richard Branston and run the idea passed him.

PS (If for some reason you need to obtain copious uncopyrighted images of chocolate as I have done here, whatever you do, do not go looking for the photos if you are prone to chocolate fits, or are just plain hungry. I'm telling you now, you're are simply putting yourself, your teeth and your waistline into unnecessary temptation and danger. Beware! Mmmm, now where did I hide that chocalate?)

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