February 10, 2010

Cliches and Stereotypes Are Alive and Well ©

I realised that cliches and sterotypes were alive and well recently when I saw a pair of jogging shoes tied by their laces and hanging over a power line. I had't seen that sight in many years, and I never quite understood why people wanted to do that. It was so popular when I was a kid (despite the fact that very few of us could even afford shoes) that I always wondered why they didn't do the same thing with other items of clothing.
I suppose because the shoes are heavy enough to throw they were more popular, but wouldn't it be funny to see a bra, weighted down with some heavy sinkers, tossed nonchalently over the wires? 

Why don't you share some of the stereotypes or cliches that you see alive and well in your part of the world ?

In Australia the Aussie Ocker can still be found, though fortunately their numbers are declining. These men like to drink heavily, leer at girls usually young enough to be their daughters, and pretend they're macho and never feel pain. These guys also believe that housework is for women, and that understanding yourself is for sissies.

Gossips and Goths are still popular, as are old ladies with lots of cats. 

Shallow people can also be found. I was amazed to find one at my workplace some years ago. I remember this guy saying how he hated Goldie Hawn and Bette Midler. When I asked him why, I was expecting the answer to be that he didn't like their acting or Bette's singing, but his response surprised me. He said that Goldie and Bette were old and past it and that once a woman reaches a certain age we shouldn't have to see them in movies! Nice guy huh?

Movie cliches can be particularly annoying such as Christians being portrayed as weak, weird or wacky in the head. It's as if producers and writers can't comprehend that a Christian can actually be a normal human being or even intelligent.

If you are a single person, you are often typecast as desperate or willing to steal any man that's not nailed down.

Yep, that's a pretty good start to the list, but I think there's lots more out there ... why don't you send in some suggestions? ©

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