February 25, 2010

Surreal Moments ©

Those surreal moments in life happen when you least expect them. A friend was talking about how her dog was licking its paws in time to the music and for a moment, time seemed to stand still as she watched the dog in awe, thinking for just a fraction of a second, that perhaps the dog was doing it on purpose.

I had a surreal moment recently as I was driving along the highway. Running parallel to the road on my left were two railway lines. I noticed that my car was lined up with the front engine of a train heading in the same direction as me. It was overtaking a slower train situated on the left-side track. At just that very moment, the car from behind overtook me on the right-hand side, and there we were ... 2 trains = 2 cars doing exactly the same thing in the same part of the world.

It was nothing to get too excited about I suppose, but what are the chances of that happening?  Probably about the same statistical odds of seeing a perfectly round rainbow, but I've seen that too!

A few years ago I was flying back to my home-town when I looked out the window and saw the first round rainbow in my life. These are usually seen from higher altitudes and are not that common. There was no-one in the seat beside me. Like an over-enthusiastic child I wanted to grab hold of someone and point out the window and squeal "Look! A round rainbow!"

The rest of the passengers would probably have looked at me as if I was some kind of lunatic, but I was almost jumping up and down in my seat with excitement at the sight! Finally, as we left the rainbow behind us, I contented myself with the thought that I had witnessed something unusual, other than what I usually see in the mirror each morning. ©

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