February 12, 2010

What's the Hype About Blogging Anyway?

When I was a teenager and even into my early twenties, I regularly kept a diary. It was a source of amusement in my later years, especially reading back over the entries in reference to boys.

I was never one to fall in love with a different boy every week like some of my friends. When I did have a crush on someone, he would inevitably disappoint me somehow, whether by acting silly or by saying something hurtful. If only I had understood at the time that it was probably just his way of getting my attention.

Throughout high-school I never dated any of the boys, mainly because I was too shy and because most of the boys seemed rather .... well .... stupid to me.

Into my early 20s, I was so extremely shy and self-conscious that before going out on a date, I would be literally ill with nerves for several hours beforehand. 

Fortunately I grew out of my shyness and as I look back over the years and recall the utter hell I went through as I grew up, I almost find it hard to remember how difficult it really was for me. I am so comfortable with myself now and confident, that in some ways I am completely unlike the extremely introverted and naive young thing I used to be. I think there's a part of me that wants to forget those difficulties, but as a mature woman with a number of younger women friends, it's important not to forget these things so that I can perhaps help them if they are going through similar trials.

So the reason I have started this blog is for my musings and memories. When I'm in my eighties, I'll be able to look back on the woman I was in my forties and smile at how little I really knew.

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