May 28, 2010

Some Photos from my Christian Singles Group

I co-ordinate a Christian singles group in the local region and thought I might share some photos from some of our activities over the years:

We had an "Aliens Night" and had to dress as aliens and bring some tasty alien food:

There was lunch at a local restaurant, and our Christmas get-together at the marina:

We had lots of fun on our Australia Day event and we had a Solos Camp for people from across Queensland.

Our Nerd Night raised a few eyebrows and almost caused an accident when we picked up our pizzas. Mertyl though, stole the night with her natural beauty:

Dressing up as famous singing stars, we sang the night away. Then our ferry boat tour was a relaxing way to spend the afternoon.

What more could you want for Christmas than a dress-up party and a Christmas fairy?

The group had a lovely lunch and walk at the local botanical gardens. And another night we played lots of silly games including one called "Contagious"

We had a peaceful trip out on the boat to some local islands, then recently went to the botanical gardens in Bundaberg and took a train ride.

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