July 24, 2010

A Day Beside the Sea!

Today we went out to a nearby spit which is right at the entrance to our harbour. It was an absolutely gorgeous day and I went mad as usual, taking heaps of photos. Unfortunately there weren't too many birds about, though in the past I've snapped three of my best bird photos here.

Mostly there were silver gulls, a couple of herons, magpies, crows and brown honeyeaters. 

Silver Gull
Eastern Reef Egret
We had a barbecue lunch there and a nice walk, though my knee didn't appreciate the walk much. It's good that my knee is getting better though and I think it will be much more flexible and less painful by the end of next month.

Tomorrow morning I'm hoping to go to church - I think I may have found myself a church family at last. I'd given up looking for a long time. Really though, I consider our Bible study group my home church. 

When you consider the original churches - they were just home study groups. The concept of a church with a minister or pastor out the front being in a building came about much later. This was not what God wanted at all, but the original concept has been perverted.

I understand there are many churches that still hold their meetings in homes. We should be focusing on this, rather than spending our time, energy and money on buildings that really do nothing for the growth of the church.

Perhaps a more structured church and even a building may appeal to some people, but we should not be frightened about going back to the basics of what was the original intention and basis of the church. In fact, we should be encouraging it, but for some, it seems almost blasphemous.

Anyway, I could go on and on about this - but there are better people than me who have written books on this very subject.

Best be off. Catchya later!

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