July 23, 2010

Some More Photos from My Patio

I love my patio. It almost feels like we're living in the treetops. And the birds here are fantastic. While out the front we live on a fairly busy road, out the back it's lovely and peaceful. There's a great stretch of land just behind the street out the back and a creek runs through much of this area. I think because it's flood-prone they can't use it for much. But for us it's a great blessing because of the peace and tranquility we find out here.

Of an afternoon, especially in summer when it can get quite intolerably hot, the patio/verandah area is shaded from about 3.00pm onwards and it's so lovely to sit out there and relax.

So today, I give you a view of a portion of my unkempt garden which is directly below the railing:

And the view from my back patio - I'll try and get a better one next time:

As you can see there's a great big tree smack back in the middle there. This overhangs part of the patio and birds from everywhere come to sit and chat.

Our clothes-line is towards the back of the patio, and tomorrow I'm hoping to hang an old plant basket on one end of it and put bird-seed for the wild-birds. We already have a bird-bath in another part of the garden, so hopefully this will entice more birds to come along.

This is one very good reason we don't let our cats out - they stay indoors here all the time (except if they're on a lead). The only time we let them outdoors is when I take them up with me to visit my mother, who won't let pets inside the house. So for them, it becomes a bit of a holiday!

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