September 9, 2010

Some Photos from Our Garden etc

I've mentioned in an earlier blog entry that our house is on a very steep slope. Our block is on three different levels and our verandah is quite high above our neighbours below, which gives us lots of privacy. Also earlier I mentioned how terribly overgrown the garden has become as a consequence of the permanent injury to my shoulder added to long-term problems with my back and knee. Sigh! But I LOVE the birds that come and visit us - it's almost like we live in a tree-house because the back verandah is amongst the branches of a large tree.

I was up at sunrise one morning and took a few photos as the sun shone its lovely winter rays into our yard.

Sunrise from our back verandah

Looking up towards our back verandah
from the lowest part of our yard.
Looking up towards the highest part
of our yard from the middle section.

This is one of my favourite spots in the garden.
I can usually get a nice bit of shade, have
a little rest and watch the lovely birds.

And here are a couple of flowers I spotted in the garden the same morning:

Narcissus aka Jonquil aka Daffodil

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