October 22, 2010

Interview Today with Levi McGrath

In the last week I've had the pleasure of three interviews on my breakfast radio program including today's interview with the Christian artist Levi McGrath. Levi is currently on his Children of War Australia tour and will be playing a concert locally tonight as well.

Levi is a very down to earth kind of fellow with a real passion for children in need across the world. He talked about the work that he and his wife did with child soldiers in Uganda last year when they spent five months in Africa. We chatted about the privileges that we have here in Australia, even simple things like running water or the fact that we live in peace. I was really touched by his message and impressed with his incredible passion.

Tonight I'll be heading along to Levi's concert and taking young JD and his friends with me. It should be a good night!


Link to Levi's Myspace page
Link to UTube Video

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