December 26, 2010

Current Flood Situation

Many areas of our state Queensland have been experiencing flooding as monsoon rains associated with lows and a cyclone strike the state. Areas north of us have been quite badly affected. (Links for related news items:

The local area of Central Queensland (Gladstone and Rockhampton) have also been receiving smaller but significant doses of the rains and subsequent floods.

We drove around Gladstone today and took some photos of the impacts on local rivers and waterways.
Police Creek - the path to nowhere
More of Police Creek
The old bridge across the Calliope River
lies underwater in the current flood.
This is the sign for the caravan park which is usually found
on the banks of the Calliope River and is now under water.
You can see the sign in the previous photo stuck in the
middle of the floodway. Any campers might find the
  camping ground to the left, a little big soggy at this time.
Some more of the Calliope River
This is a creek from the other end of the Calliope River
just before it reaches the Pacific Ocean.
This is the other end of Calliope River itself, just before
it flows into the Pacific Ocean.
And as mentioned in a previous entry, this is the Awoonga dam
which is built on the Boyne River, also in the local region. This
is the first time the dam has overflowed since it was raised in 2002.

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