December 27, 2010

Larci is Full of Malarky

Our cat Larci is definitely full of malarky (mischief). Here he is having kicked out several items from the bottom of JD's shelf, and made himself at home:
As far as Larci is concerned, every shelf on
every cupboard is for his own benefit.
Now that my flat mate has moved out, he's becoming a little more sociable, though he still believes it's his right to chew on me and scratch me when I want to pat him. He's quite biased and lavishes his special bitey affections mostly on myself.

I sure am lucky!

And here are two naughty cats: Larci sitting on top of the
fridge in the top left, and in the bottom right you can see
Cinnamon has made herself at home in the dish-rack!
Inquisitive Larci
Our Stanley on the other hand is always very laid back and relaxed.
Our Stanley is very relaxed.

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