August 21, 2011

Arrggh Me Hearties

We had a young fellow stay with us recently. (He was the boy who kindly shared his nits with us.) While he was here he would tell us about all of the movies he had seen which included far too many adult-type movies, yet surprisingly, I don't think he'd been exposed to much in the way of children's movies. For a six year old, I was quite shocked by what his family had allowed him to see at that tender age, and I'm hoping some of them won't scar him permanently.

While he was staying with us he had a great time checking out our great range of children's movies. I was surprised to discover that he had never before seen a pirate movie, so I shared with him two pirate movies that I have loved as a child, one of which was "Treasure Island." He was enchanted.

It felt so good to share such a beloved movie with a new generation, especially one with such a great swash-buckling adventure.

"Aarrgh, swab the deck ye stinking varmints, afore I skewer ye with me here hooked hand!"

For some reason I seem to have developed an inclination for putting a parrot on my shoulder. 

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