December 23, 2010

Some Friendly Fauna and Other photos

The first overflow of Awoonga dam since it was raised in 2002.
On 11 December, Awoonga Dam, our local water supply, overflowed for the first time since it was raised in 2002. It holds about 770,000 megalitres.
Awoonga dam from other side of spillway and dam wall.

In the last week we've been visited by a friendly frog and a dove. Here are some photos I thought I would share with you:
Green Tree Frog
Peaceful Dove

Black-faced cuckoo-shrike. First time I'd seen one in the wild!
Our cat Cinnamon has been very uncomfortable in the very hot weather recently (over 30 degrees Celsius) and discovered that she could watch television and keep cool at the same time in front of our fan!
Cinnamon keeping her cool
And finally, Stanley our cat looked a bit embarrassed when he was having a bad hair day:
Stanley's bad hair day

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