July 24, 2011

Picnicking in Winter: Gladstone Marina

In this part of the world, our winters are quite mild with temperatures rarely getting down lower than 5°C overnight and usually sitting around 23°C during the day. Yesterday was such a day, so we decided to go to the beautiful area at the local Gladstone Marina. This area was created by the local port authority for the citizens to enjoy, with barbecues, picnic tables, swings, gardens, walking paths and large open grassy areas. We have many such lovely places in our local area and I think we are quite spoiled for choice.

On the other side of the marina is Spinnacker Park, another area set aside for barbecues, picnicking and relaxing.

So for your enjoyment - the Gladstone Marina:

Spinnacker Park is on the other side of the Gladstone Marina

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