December 24, 2010

Collared Sparrowhawk Attack

Our friendly magpies drop by of
an afternoon for a snack
I've mentioned earlier that we have some friendly magpies that visit us for some tidbits of food. 

A few days ago I was out on the back verandah when I noticed the magpies chasing another bird into the tree near our back verandah. Dashing inside I grabbed my camera and tried to get a photo of the unknown bird. Catching a glimpse I thought it looked like the shape and markings of a collared sparrowhawk, but because the bird kept on jumping from branch to branch, I was unable to get a photograph.

Meantime the magpies continued to harass the bird, which eventually flew out into the sky with the two magpies in pursuit.

I was still unable to confirm what kind of bird the magpies were chasing but figured it was some kind of predatory bird that may have been attacking its young.

Lifting up my camera I snapped the birds flying in the distant sky just in case I was lucky enough to capture a photo or two.

Later when I checked the photos on the camera I was able to zoom in and confirm by its shape and the shape of its tail that it was likely to be a collared sparrowhawk.

I was delighted to be able to so quickly identify the bird without my birds book.

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