January 13, 2011

Flood effects: Bread, Milk & Fresh Produce to Make a Return to Our Supermarkets

According to our local newspaper, we should start getting supplies of fresh food through to our supermarkets tomorrow (Friday). I've heard from reliable sources that people were panic buying which is one of the reasons we ran out of food so quickly. There were also several incidents when people started getting quite physical over the last few items! Because of this, the supermarkets had to restrict milk and bread to just one item per customer. 


As I've stated before, trouble ALWAYS stems from someone's selfishness.

Unfortunately, there was still not enough food to go around and apart from the selfish ones who bought much more than they needed, the rest of us have had to go without fresh food, milk and bread since at least Monday.

I don't think I will ever be able to go into a supermarket again and not be reminded of how blessed we are here in Australia. I hope I never take our plentiful food supplies for granted again.

A few years ago after a severe cyclone hit northern Queensland, our banana crops were almost completely destroyed. For a long time after that, the price of bananas was so high that most people simply could not afford to buy them. So, when the prices finally came down to a more reasonable level, I still recall the first banana I ate. It tasted SO wonderful after going without them for so long!

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