June 24, 2011

Genevieve Goes Gaga and Larci Goes Loco

Our six month old pup Genevieve, the long-haired chihuahua x pomeranian loves to play with anything and anyone and has recently found a like-minded playmate in our eleven year old cat Stanley. Geni mock growls and nips, and Stanley is just as willing to join in the fun with his own nips and swipes.
Who said you were allowed to bite back?
Hey, don't try and run away you chicken ... er cat!
Who are you calling chicken?
I'm trying a new move called "The Blur:
Now you see me, now you don't!"
Huh! Just wait until you see my move called,
"You won't see me, but you'll feel me!"
I figured if I couldn't chew the cat, I'd chew on
something that won't bite or scratch back.
Burp! That was rather yummy!
I feel like a taste of cat now!
Aw, come on! Can't I chew on you for a little while?
PLEASE, let me chew on you!
How can you resist a gorgeous face like this?
How's this for a smile?
Now for my close-up Mr DeVille.

And here to finish is our crazy Larci - just look at those eyes!

I had the sudden urge to get clean - for some
reason I was attracted to this spot!

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