February 3, 2011

Mind-Numbing Number Plates

Despite their cost in Australia, over the past dozen years or so, the personalised number plate has really taken off. When out driving one may spot plates such as:

  • "SPY 86" (Maxwell Smart);
  • "Foxy 1" (someone's a little conceited); and 
  • "Fat 00" (a fitness fanatic for sure).
Another popular trend that also seems to have taken off just in the past year or so is to depict one's family in various ways such as a penguin family, a snowman family, a turtle family, a starfish family, a tennis family or a even a ghost family. Here are some examples of other types:


The most common sticker I've seen on family vehicles is the stick figure family stickers on the back window:
Recently after I dropped JD off at high school, I saw a white van in front of me on the road with a number plate with the word "Mum" and a number on it.

"What an unimaginative number plate," I thought. "Surely the poor woman has done more than spit children out of her body."

Then as I drew up behind the vehicle I noticed the stick figure stickers on the back window depicting their family. Along with the 4 pets, and 1 husband, there were also 8 children depicted.

"Ok," I thought wryly, "Perhaps that IS the most important job the woman has had to do over the past couple of decades."

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