March 11, 2011

Animal Antics and Interactions

Visiting laughing kookaburra on our back verandah,
who pop in each afternoon for a bite to eat.

This is one of the laughing kookaburra
parents on our back verandah.

This laughing kookaburra is the latest offspring.
I call him Junior. He has overcome his shyness
and is happy to take food from my hand.

Larci is becoming more laid back and relaxed as
he gets older, and is not quite so naughty any more.

Our Rachel is such a little sweety. Unfortunately, as
her blindness progresses, so do her fears and anxieties.

Stanley is a very lovable, laid back fellow.
With each passing year, he has become more
affectionate. He often will sit back and watch
the antics of the rest of the pets in our home.

Scout is our oldest pet. She is exceptionally intelligent
and one of her favourite tricks is "Dead Dog"!

Our youngest pet is Cinnamon and besides her
adorable little face, she also has an adorable
little personality. Plus lots and LOTS of fur!

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