July 31, 2011

Challenge: How to Get Lost in a Restroom/Toilet

My friend Ana and flatmate JayCee had lunch recently at a Chinese restaurant in the Boyne Island/Tannum Sands area. They visited the restaurant's toilet after their meal and that was the point at which they got lost. Yep, lost!

Emerging from the restroom, they stepped into a small hallway with four doors, but not one of the doors had a sign indicating where it led. Neither of the women could remember which one they had originally come through.

Embarrassed, they opened the first door and found it was a storage cupboard. Two of the three remaining doors were locked. The fourth door led back out into the carpark.

Discussing their predicament, they decided to wait until somebody either came to their rescue or used the restroom facilities themselves. After about ten minutes when no help was forthcoming, they realised the only option was to go back out into the carpark and return to their table. They realised too they were likely to be noticed by the staff and other patrons who would no doubt wonder what on earth the two had been up to and how they got into the carpark in the first place.

Meantime, back in the restaurant, the staff had begun to wonder whether Ana and JayCee had taken off without paying for their meals. They were considering what they should do when they spotted the two women as they walked passed the windows that overlooked the parking area and headed for the front door. Several of the customers also stared at them in confusion. The two women felt quite uncomfortable by the unwanted attention and suffered through several minutes of questioning stares.

After they had returned to their table, they explained their predicament to a staff member who said that the same thing had happened to her. Obviously if this issue had occurred once before, someone should have used their "noodle" and made sure it didn't happen again! Either that or provide a supply of fortune cookies with directions in them.

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