September 27, 2011

It's Official - I'm an Old Fogey

Something rather tragic occurred this week that has now convinced me that I've entered "old fogey" territory. While JD, my 13 year old would like to tell you that I've been there for years, I have steadfastly refused to accept it ... until this week.

NB: enhanced image
The incident that convinced me occurred a few nights ago when I looked in the mirror and noticed [Gasp! Choke!] that I had grown a white eyebrow hair. Sob!

I've been dyeing my hair for a few years now, and I've even been plucking the occasional chin hair, but I never really considered the possibility of white eyebrow hairs springing up unannounced.

Alas! The fact that I am moving to a town that is known for it's high percentage of retirees has even had one of my old school-friends commenting on my age, and the reason behind my moving.


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