October 31, 2011

Rumpus Room Photos: Before and After

You may recall that I am trying to move to Hervey Bay and have been endeavouring to sell my house in the past 4 weeks. Alas, the market has suddenly slowed in my home-town, after months of going crazy. It should pick up again shortly after the announcement of a gas-power-house to be built here, which means that more investors and workers will be looking for somewhere to live. 

Since I am on the pension, I have limited means by which to improve my home, and a nice tax refund this year enabled me to pay my rates and do some improvements in my garden and in my rumpus room. I've shared photos of the overhauled garden previously, but have not shown you the updated rumpus room.

A couple of years back, I painted its walls, but the floor had been painted by the previous owner without proper preparation and without proper paint, so in time the paint started to go moldy (especially after months of wet weather) and peeled off in various places. I had previously had a solid wood kitchen unit plumbed in as well. My friends recently helped me tidy up and clear the room so that I could have some good quality lino laid. Thankfully the company that laid the lino, also prepared the floor beforehand. This cost me over $1,200, but was worth it, even if I now have no money left in the kitty. I also purchased curtains for both upstairs and in the rumpus room which also brightened the rooms.

So, without further ado, here are the before and after photos of the rumpus room:
The rumpus room before...
The rumpus room after clean up, lino laid
and curtains put up. (above and below)

A HUGE difference! It looks amazing. The wood-look of the lino, also goes well with the wooden kitchen unit and wooden doors.

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