February 15, 2012

Living in Gladstone, Queensland - Entry 3

There's nothing quite like the sound of rain and a frog in a drainpipe - we had several weeks of rain that began towards the end of January.

"Mmmm unngghh puuuu mmmmm slup" I caught our cat Larci sucking on his blankie.

In early February I spotted a garden orb weaver spider setting up his dinner table for the evening. 

We also received a visit from a very noisy cicada that our pets wanted to chew on.

The second visitor was this tawny frogmouth who found our clothesline a good vantage point from which to spot their dinner.

If you've ever lived in Queensland, chances are you'll know the sound of the Common Koel (aka Stormbird) - a very appropriate sound  with all of the floods in this state earlier this month, as the stormbird is often heard during summer before storms or rain.

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