May 16, 2013

Earlier Graphic Designs

I had opened a shop online last year, and while the quality of the items was good, it was rather expensive to purchase, especially when including the cost of postage from the USA. About eight weeks ago I discovered an Australian based shop which is much cheaper and with much more reasonable postage, at least for me here in Australia, so I set up a second shop. Both are called "Miss Terry Woman."

Some of the earliest images that I created for the shops were based on photos from the early twentieth century, with one or two dating back into the nineteenth. I tidy up, cut-out and then recolour the uncopyrighted photos and then place with appropriate backgrounds and/or items.

The program I use is called "Photo Studio" which is a lot like PhotoShop but at about 10% of the cost! I've been using it for quit a few years now and find it a great little program, allowing me to do the majority of what I want to do with my graphics. It still has its limitations, but I simply can't afford to buy PhotoShop and its add-ons.

While I enjoy the creation side of things, I also love to discover old photos, especially of people with interesting faces. The next image was taken in about 1930 I believe. I recoloured the woman and added other images with it - though I'm beginning to suspect I may have chosen the wrong penguins:

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